Sunday, 5 June 2011

Colour blocking of sorts

Whilst I was in England (and more importantly, in Primark) I was buying a few bright shirts so I could try my hand at colour blocking as I have always been someone who just does not get the concept of clashing (I don't see the problem with pink and red, if I'm honest), although I have toned it down a bit these last few years. Anyway, I had my eye on some gorgeous pastel shorts from Primark, but decided not to get them in the end, as they could be veering on the 'so short might be unflattering on my non twig body' side.

So what kind of alternative does that leave me with? Clashing my makeup and clothes. I didn't even notice I was doing it until I took the pictures and thought 'I actually quite like the clash of the lipstick and the shirt.' I didn't actually wear the makeup out as I didn't leave the house (which I blame on the art project I had to finish with my best mate) but rest assured, I think I know what I'll be wearing next time I go out!

I bought two variations of that shirt, the other one is hot pink and I adore them! £10 from Primark, they're quite the bargain and really versatile as well! The cobalt blue one is just so gorgeous and I definitely want to wear it as much as possible, although it is a tad seethrough, so would have to wear a top underneath (or find a blue bra...which is tricky as most of my bras are pink *girly*).

The lipstick is one of the much-blogged about Sleek True Colour lipsticks and this is Coral Reef. I shall do an individual post about it, but my camera's currently being a pain so bear with me on that.

And here we have my eye makeup, which admittedly wasn't blended out very well, but I was just so excited to use the new product that I got :D I shan't say what it is (I like being mysterious, me!) but it will be getting its own blogpost soon, watch this space!


  1. you look lovely, and those shirts are nice :] x

  2. Wow, that makeup is wonderful. I'll try it this week for sure. You're gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You look beautiful, your hair is perfect! :) xoxo