Monday, 13 June 2011

an important blurb

It's ten to midnight on the eve of my birthday and I am quickly blogging about something that's close to my heart. I don't know how many of you follow my sister dani's blog, but I thoroughly advise that, at the very least, you go read this post.

Following the massive twitter shout out concerning Alice Pyne, Dani wrote a blogspot as the issue of cancer, especially the cancer Alice has, really hit home to Dani. You see, Dani had the same cancer Alice has at 17. As someone who is turning 17 very soon, I can't begin to imagine how it feels like. Yes, I've battled my own demons aged 13, but not like that. Fortunately Dan is healed now but it's still something that pops up in conversations or what not.

Anyway,I saw my big sister go through this and it affected me as well. Mostly it made me admire and love her even more than I possibly thought I could.

The point of this post is that dani is doing the Race for Life next year and I'm going to join her, as are my mother and sister and others. Yes, I may live in a different country, but screw it, these things are important. As I said before, I really recommend you all read her post as it is raising awareness for cancer and written by someone young who's lived through it, it may just make it easier for people to emphasise.

On that note, I'm going to bed now. Oh wait, Happy Birthday to me!


  1. the happiest&wonderfulst birthday to one of the prettiest girl!!!lots of lovee , A :) <3