Monday, 20 June 2011

Birthday presents - MAC Lipstick in 'Speak Louder'

[So I managed to take new pictures and that's why I am not scheduling this post for tomorrow!]

Another of my few makeup related presents on Tuesday was something that I've actually had since the beginning of June, but was forbidden to touch and wear until my birthday.
Me and Dani have now decided that we shall make it a tradition to get each other MAC products for our birthdays (I think we have?). She got Impassioned from me and I got Speak Louder.

My first MAC product. Ever! First of all, I adore the smell of these lipsticks. Second of all, I like how the packaging doesn't seem to get covered in marks whenever you touch it (talking to you, Sleek iDivine palette!) and (well duh) how professional it looks.

The lipstick itself looks really dark which for a moment made me wonder whether I'd asked for a colour that was far too similar to lipsticks that I already own, but thankfully it's a lot lighter on the skin.

 Excuse me looking a bit scruffy/tired/meh in the last foto, I'm makeupless except for the lipstick and my hair is unwashed.

So the lipstick is really nice and not too bright, which is good, because I think I have enough of those. Otherwise, it lasts a few hours, although I can't say that with absolute certainty as I wore it to the cinema and I spent those two hours munching on crisps and drinking, so it did wear off a bit.

All in all, I'm very pleased with it and shall be wearing it out ,perhaps Wednesday, it's the grand-duke's birthday (not really, it's more the national day of luxembourg) on Thursday (so it's another bank holiday!) so there'll be fireworks in town and everyone generally goes out on wednesday night and I am as well, so that's probably where I'll wear it!


  1. Such a pretty colour, it really suits you, too :)

  2. This looks lovely on you! x

  3. Hey I love your blog...I just followed you....check out mine if you want...:)!!