Sunday, 19 June 2011

Birthday presents - Benefit Cha Cha Tint

It seems I have been MIA - again. There's lots to do at school lately as our last term is so short so we have lots of tests after another, the week of the 27th is especially going to be ugly, I can already tell you guys that.

I DO have a few reviews planned as I got some makeup products for my birthday. I would start in chronological order, but I have just realised that the one camera I used for those pictures is awful and I don't like the pictures. So I'm not showing them *stubborn perfectionist*.

These ones, however aren't that bad, so that's why I'm posting them first.

So....Cha Cha Tint. I am a humongous lover of all things coral and when I first saw this in a Benefit leaflet I got on the ferry back to la France and my first thought was 'I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.' And then I thought 'Oh wait, Benefit is extraordinarily out of your budget, girl.' So I had to settle for looking at lovely swatches on the internet.

BUT THEN I went shopping with my lovely godmother who wanted me to choose a birthday present and she generously bought me two Benefit products (the other I shall review once I have taken better pictures.).Luckily, we managed to get the last one they had so I'm very pelased about that. I'm not sure how much it costs in England, but in Europe, it costs 32€. Yes, that is quite pricey, but I've heard that the little tints you get in sets like Finding Mr Bright or with the Glamour magazine last forever so these will last longer than forever!

I love the look of these tints. The jar is nice and pretty but unlike Benetint, I believe, you can't see how much is in the jar, which is a shame, as I'd like to know when I'm close to running out. Otherwise, it's quite good. The actual packaging is a teeny bit misleading as it makes the jar look HUGE, but it's not as big as the packaging, which isn't all that bad as it's still quite an impressive size.

On to the actual product, it hasn't got the same watery consistency as Benetint, rather it's more creamy like Posietint, which is good as I always swatch Posietint instead of Benetint whenever I'm in Sephora. As per usual with tints, you need to be quick in blending them. The first time I tried this, I ended up having orange fingers, so it is quite messy. 

not a very sharp picture, but one of the best from the batch. may have to take one again
Seeing this in the bottle, one might be put off, thinking it's far too bright. As with many other blusher, it's quite sublte on application, as long as you do it lighthandedly.I think to start off, apply two dots and then blend. Benefit suggest three strokes, but I think that may be too much. Start with less and apply more if you're not satisfied, is my motto ;)

Here we have my bare lips and then my lips with Cha Cha Tint on it. You can't see the difference very well as I'm not too experienced with lips close ups -and it was rather sloppily applied- , but I plan on taking a FOTD when I wear this next (and that way, you'll see what it looks like on the cheeks as well:) )

I'm definitely going to pack this for Paris and use it a lot during the summer as coral is such a summer colour and will look great with a tan (if I ever get one!)

That's all for today, I'll see if I can update anytime soon, if not I'll try and write another post (with crappy photos) and schedule it.

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