Monday, 6 June 2011

You wanna buy pretty clothes?

Now this is advertising of sorts, but not the kind I'm getting paid for. I have a friend (well, technically she is my sister's future sister in law/my future brother in law's sister so according to wikipedia -yes i just checked because it confuses me - she is apparantly my future co-sister in law? something like that. Anyway very good friend of my sister who I have befriended as well) who has lovely clothes, which she is selling.

She is a fan of all things retro so you may find some nice retro inspired clothes here!

Here are a few examples of the clothes she is selling!

Black & White Floral Prom Dress 50s style

Unfortunately my computer is being annoying at the mo so it won't upload the second picture, but she has got lots of other lovely stuff such as a Black Marilyn Monroe inspired Dress and straight leg jeans and some gorgeous sparkly tops!

now I would bid, but I have no money left. *sob*


  1. Gorgeous dress. I love it (; I'll check it out later. xx

  2. Thank you :) Just over a day left to go! Relisted the white dress due to payment falling through, so another 6 days for that! xxx