Monday, 20 June 2011

Birthday presents - Clinique Travel Set

Today's present is from my best friend who bought this with the reasoning 'I know her mum will refuse to buy her makeup so she won't be getting that much so I'll buy her makeup'. She was right, my mum refused to get me anything *sob*.

So this is one of Clinique's many travel sets which includes:
• 1x Take The Day Off Makeup Remover 30ml/1oz
• 2x All About Eyes 7ml/0.21oz
• 1x High Impact Mascara 7ml/0.28oz ( #01 Black )
• 1x Bag ( Pink )
 So there are four products are all samples except the mascara. I actually have the mascara as a sample as well courtesy of Glamour a few months ago.

First up is the Take The Day Off makeup remover. First of all, I like the name of this, it reminds me a bit of Benefit's way of naming products. This makeup remover's quite good, it works well enough, but as there isn't an extraordinary amount of it, I'm just using it to dip a cotton bud in to remove any mistakes I may have made as I have a tendency of pouring out too much makeup remover.

Next up are the All About Eyes de-puffing eye massage serum. I've used this once but I can't really tell if it makes much of a difference as my eyes aren't really that puffy. It has a tiny bit of a sticky feel to it, which isn't really that much a big deal as it fades away after about five minutes (the feeling, that is).

Finally, we have the High Impact mascara. Although it does nothing to curl my lashes (but then again, what mascara does?), it does add volume, so I think I'll use this for night outs rather than during the day, as it can get a bit too much if I'm not careful (which I'm not during the morning before school) and I don't usually have time to start again before school.

That's it for this post, I shall be finished with my tests this week at the time that this is posted so if I don't get a lot of homework, I may have another update which isn't scheduled! (Although the next one is anyway.)

EDIT: My post scheduling thing is a little funny, it didn't post my previous post at the time I wanted to so I thought I'd just post this one today anyway.

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