Thursday, 14 April 2011

Return from Angleterre!

Hiya everyone!Now you probably don't know that I went to England unless you stalk my twitter insanely and I really doubt anyone does that (except my sister cause that is the only way she will find out what's happening in my life). But I did go there and on Tuesday I returned. And then the internet crashed. Sheesh!

Moving on, whilst I was in England, I splashed out on a few clothes for myself as I get bored with many of my clothing items. Aside from that, I spent a lot of time hunting down a black skirt, which let me just say HOW BLOODY HARD IS IT TO FIND A BLACK SKIRT?! Very would be the answer. But why did I need one? Well, our play that is in TWO WEEKS *hyperventilates* is an english play, so we need uniforms. I refuse to wear trousers so I looked for a black skirt. I stopped caring about the style cause I was getting desperate by Saturday. I find one in Select (cause H&M, Peacocks, River Island and co all disappointed me) for £4...but a size 18. 'Oh well', I thought,'I shall just wear it baggy.' I bought it and went home to my Nan's and tried it on but it was really too big. So we had to go to Margate to look in their Select. I ended up finding my size, so joy of joys, the hunt is over.

Moving on, I found some lovely boots from Matalan, a GORGEOUS top from River Island and a nice skirt from Primark. All featured in this outfit I wore. I know, I just can't wait to show off, eh? Anyway, this is what I call a dani-esque outfit.

I look really awkward in these and somehow seem to attempting to copy S.B.V's signature pose (sorry!) but just looking ridiculous. Thanks to Ste for being my lovely photographer, but after all what is an 'adoptive sister' for?;)

Anyways, for those interested prices are as follows:

Hairbow - Primark £2
Scarf - Select £1
Blouse - River Island £20
Skirt - Primark £10
Tights - Matalan 3 pairs for £4
Boots - Matalan £20

And the jacket is from New Look but I'm not sure whether they still sell it as I got it a year ago.

I shall post about makeup soon, never fear, just thought I would get this out of the way!


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I do covet that blouse :) xx

  2. England is terrible for finding black skirts! That one's lovely though x