Thursday, 14 April 2011

Week in pictures 003

Yeah, another one that I forgot! I thought I'd post one again as I took quite a lot of pictures this past week of random things.

Trying on dresses in Matalan. I loved this one but I felt the fabric felt a bit odd for my tastes. But Dani's bought it for our second cousin's wedding and I'm sure it looks better on her than on me! She said it fits like a glove, which it actually did on me as well.

I went to Broadstairs on Sunday with my brother, grandparents and uncle, who I don't see very often.We went and had lunch in this little cafe place that was LOVELY. I especially adore the typical English soft drinks. You only get the main brands here so I love drinking cloudy lemonade whenever I'm over. This time, I tried Mandarin and Orange Seville, which was quite nice! The second picture was just one of the beach as I cannot resist taking pictures of beaches. I love the view in Broadstairs, I think it's beautiful.

A funny picture with my uncle. It was really windy so he pulled a bit of my hair to make a fake moustache, but it failed a bit!

A few pictures of the sea where my grandparents live. I adore this view, I think it's stunning, especially when the sky is so clear that you can see France! I had a few pictures where you could see France, but my camera went and formatted them, unfortunately. I also had some lovely ones of my sister when I went to visit her.

I spent a lot of my time in England looking for my favourite herbal tea, London Fruit and Herb! I don't like normal herbal teas as they smell so good but don't taste like it! Eventually on Tuesday, the day we were leaving, I found these in Holland & Barretts. I recommend them for anyone who likes warm Ribena! 

My blossom tree is out! It usually blooms a lot later than all the other trees but upon my return, I was greeted by my beautiful pink blossom! It really completes my garden, I think.

And finally, a silly outtake of my friend (trying to) take my outfit pics ;) 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this. If anyone else is a fan of London Fruit & Herb (which funnily enough, is made in Merseyside), let me know and we'll share the love!


  1. Loving the pictures! they are so pretty!! Your cherry blossom is just so awesome x

  2. I love that dress you tried on!!! GORGEOUS!