Friday, 15 April 2011

wax products

As this is a beauty blog, I've realised I have to cover all aspects of beauty...including that which I'm not very fond of, which is waxing. To be more specific, waxing my upper lip. I have an eagle eye when it comes to the hairs above my lips. I start to freak if I even see the shadow of a hair and this consequently explains my lack of lip swatches. Oh I'd love to do them, but it's just something that gets me so down and I'm just so self conscious about it so I don't do them.
I have however decided to review the various waxing products that I've used. I know I'd appreciate it, especially as a student who can't afford pricier things, if someone would recommend a certain product or tell me to avoid another one, so this is what I'm doing in the hopes that it'll help someone. 

Here are four products that I've tried and still have. There was a Boots Own Brand one as well that wasn't bad, but I couldn't seem to find it when I was in Boots the other day. 

First up is Veet Ready-To-Use Wax Strips, which you can get in Boots for £4.50. These are so far my favourite, as they are the most effective. I've even gone and bought them again, which shows how much I like them! They really do work and one strip can last quite a few goes, contrary to other strips. The wipes for afterwards aren't bad, but they leave your skin feeling really greasy and the greasiness takes elbow grease to go away. If I were to rate these out of 5, I'd give them 4.5/5 cause they're not quite perfect, but still pretty good.

Next up is Jolen Microwave Peel Off Wax, priced at around £10 in Boots (I saw this instore at around that price but looking online, I can't seem to find anything to confirm it!). Now I've tried Jolen's Hair Bleach and it's quite good until I got tired of just bleaching and wanted to remove the hair instead. This stuff looked very promising and I was keen to try it, but it was awful. First of all, as the photo shows, even doing the test patch was an absolute nightmare!The wax dries very quickly and is really difficult to get off the spatula, so an enormous amount is wasted. Then, when I tried it, it took minimal hair off. A complete rip off for the price. 1/5

Nad's Hair Removal Facial Wand, £10.20 is a bit of a different technique. Designed a bit like one of those liquid concealer wands, except having this natural wax stuff instead of concealer, the gist is to apply it to the area and then use the reuseable cotton strips. I thought the idea was quite nifty, but it was pretty tricky.First of all, it takes ages for the wax to come out and it's also a bit TOO sticky. Sometimes the strip wouldn't pull of properly, which results in painful skin pulling. I DID manage to get some results from this, but nothing fantastic. 3/5

Last and most DEFINITELY least is Sally Hansen Hair Removal Cream Wand. I bought this in TK Maxx for £2.99 and it is AWFUL. No result whatsoever. Nothing else to say really. 0/5

Anyway I hope this helps anyone who has this kind of problem like me!


  1. I have been using Parissa and I really like it!! Here you can find it at Boots.

  2. I use those Veet strips all the time and I really like them. I agree that the wipes are a bit greasy, but usually I just makes sure I use a face wipe or some cleanser afterwards and that seems to do the trick. Can't say I've tried any of the other products, but after reading your review, I think I'll just stick with the Veet! xxx

  3. I tried those strips once but they hurt too much for me :p i guess i just have to get used to it. hm i would order from asos but size 5 uk is actually 37.5 EUR (i'm 38) so sometimes shoes fit, sometimes they don't :/ it really depends on the shoe/heel. Size 5 in heels are generally too small for me and they pinch my toes. if the heels have straps or zips then i'll go for size 6 but otherwise they're too big. it's kinda the same with sandals. size 5 is too small for my feet and my toes pop over the edge so i need to buy size 6's. If i'm spending a lot of money on something i prefer to go in the store and try them on several times w/ socks or thick socks to see what fits. thanks for the suggestions though! i never knew asos did dr martens :)