Friday, 14 January 2011

New Necklace!

Bonjour, mes petites poules!

So lately I have developeda habit of loving jewellery, which is quite odd as I have never really been a jewellery person. But after discovering some gorgeous handmade jewellery sites on and, a couple of weeks ago, I ordered a few necklaces from assorted sites and my first one arrived today!

Ok, the picture is not the best, being a webcame pic but you can see the necklace, which is the Oh, to be in England necklace from Ess Bee Vee's etsy shop.

I will be posting better quality pictures once I get different batteries for my camera so that you can all see the necklace clearer, it's gorgeous and lovely and I'm running out of adjectifs to describe it, but I think quaint is quite apt!

Other pics from her shop would be the Lovely Bones necklace, O Swallows flying from the golden woods and the lovely lovely locket love, you could use a little of locket. She's having a sale at the moment, so go check her site out!

On another note, I have decided to make it my mission to convince some of my teachers to do a field trip to the Chateau de Versailles. We have been covering it in History (doing Louis XIV, le roi de soleil!) and Art History, and I just think the place looks stunning! I am a bit of a history geek, especially French history, it's absolutely fascinating and I'd just love to spend a day losing myself in the gardens and the castle, just exploring.

This panorama 360 view of the Hall of Mirrors is making me want to go even more so, as I think that room is just stunning and to see it in reality would probably gobsmack me.

(picture from google search)

So I would love to go there and hopefully, with a few well placed points, I might just be able (with the help of my classmates, obviously) to convince some of the teachers and make a trip to Versailles a reality.


  1. ohlala c'est jolie:)(ech mengen den ketten dermat:p) versailles wier schon schein;) fly

  2. also en huet main numm net ganz geschriwwen:5 en war Stef'anya'yaquisha:D haha an scheinen blog awer:D <3