Monday, 26 July 2010

Barry M Dazzle Dusts and Lip Paints

Oh Barry of my favourite brands ever. I remember when I first saw all the dazzle dusts. At the time I was going through a very colourful and loud phrase and the colours were just like heaven to me. Amazingly I started out with only two dazzle dusts, because every time I'd go to Boots or Superdrug, I would never come to a decision and I would leave empty handed. that all changed when I ordered five different dazzle dusts for my birthday.

back row from l-r: Aqua Gold, Copper, Peony, Neon Pink
front row from l-r: Pale Pink, Fawn, Pink Gold, Pearly Mauve and Crimson/Pink

First of all, not only are these things absolutely gorgeous in terms of shades, but they're pigmented really well as well. They stay on for ages, even in the days when I didn't have UDPP, and the colours look just as good on the lid as in the tub. The only con with these is that they're a bit too long lasting, especially Aqua Gold and Neon Pink. Usually, there'll be a stain of the colour after I've wiped it off, which isn't actually that bad.

top row from l-r: Fawn(49), Aqua Gold(92), Pearly Mauve(90) and Copper(47)
bottom row from l-r: Neon Pink(85), Peony(32), Pale Pink(2), Pink Gold(3) and Crimson Pink(GD7)

Crimson Pink is actually a Glitter Dust, but I decided to swatch it with the Dazzle Dusts. My favourites have got to be Pink Gold, Aqua Gold and Peony, because they all have lovely undertones, gold for the two former and purple for the latter. In fact Peony reminds me a little bit of Urban Decay's Fishnet, which is also a stunning colour.

Now moving on to the Lip Paints. Again there's also an incredible choice of shades to choose from with these.

from l-r: Vibrant Pink(100), Coral(55), Touch Of Magic, Baby Pink(52)

As with the dazzle dusts, these are incredibly pigmented and stay on for quite some time. Unfortunately, they feel a little dry once applied and they look it a bit too (well Vibrant and Baby Pink look it) so I use lipgloss with those. Coral is actually quite a bit sheerer than I expected, but still lovely. And Touch of Magic is just great. I don't have the dryness problem with this one and it seriously will not fade at all, which is brilliant. On me, the colour goes a darkishy pink, a bit like the lip gloss from the Sephora Green Idylle Palette.

Here's a picture of me back in February wearing Touch of Magic when my family went skiing. It faded a bit, but you can still see it.

And now onto swatches...

from l-r: Baby Pink, Touch of Magic, Coral, Vibrant Pink

So that's it from me for today! I'll try and post tomorrow if I have time, I'm not entirely sure I'll manage it as I have to pack and everything for my trip to England on Wednesday!


  1. Those dust colours look awesome!

    And those lipsticks too, wow. Touch of Magic, it's a green lipstick but when it's applied it's a pinkish colour?? wow! x

  2. Yeah, it depends on the alkali levels of your lips to see how pale/rich it goes. but yeah, it's incredible. Thanks for commenting :) x