Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette

Just a heads up, this is the first of three Urban Decay items that I'm going to review, the others being the Book of Shadows II and UDPP in Eden (which I'll include with BoS) .

Colourful, isn't it? Well, as with all the other Urban Decay products that I've tried, these are excellent quality and are decently pigmented.

Urgh, excuse the black mark next to Zero, I'm a little messy.

(l-r: fishnet, honey, ransom, graffiti, zero, peace, shag, scratch and underground)

From what you can see, this palette is BRIGHT. Full of gorgeous colours such as fishnet, ransom, graffiti, etc.., it's great if you're in love with colours but want to experiment before buying every colour known to man. I know my arm looks really weird, but I must have taken the picture at a peculiar angle, as I keep on starting with swatches too close to my wrist so some of them go on my hand as well, haha.

So basically, this palette is great, not much fallout if you're careful enough and the consistensy of these is great.

I did my make up with a few colours when I swatched this, so here's a picture of that, just try to ignore the unruly brow, I'm still trying to sort them out before attempting with a brow liner. I once tried with dark brown matte eyeshadow and basically I looked a bit like a transvestite. Which, I mean, is a great look for them, but not what a 16 yeard old aspires to have.

sorry bout the shadow, I'm still trying to find the right lighting. Anyway, I used shag *me being childish always giggles at this*, scratch and underground.

Ok, I'm done with this, I'll try and write the next one later on!

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