Sunday, 16 October 2011

saturday night outfit

 Hiya everyone!

As a follow up to my makeup post, I thought I'd show you guys what I wore last night as well.It's nothing to go 'OMG AMAZING FASHION' about but compared to most people there (somehow people just go with black and boring), it was quite adventurous.

Yeah. I am quite The Dark Knight obsessed....that's one of my THREE posters...

Anyway, the top is from H&M, the skirt is from H&M, the shoes are from Matalan (I think). Quite H&M orientated, isn't it?

Anyone up for seeing the clothes this morning/afternoon, after the whole partying?


 So as you can see, there's quite a lot of glow paint. Samiha, one of my friends, really went a bit OTT ahahaha she drew a heart on my front which ended up going all the way through to my bra! I suppose with a sheer top like that, it's to be expected ahahaha. She is also responsable for the hand print.

And now for some photos in between these few, taken on the iPhone as one does! (not my iPhone, sadly)

 Quite crazy, as you can see. I will admit that I exaggerated slightly with painting my friends ahahaha...

And finally:

just because.


  1. looks like you had such a great time x

  2. Cute outfit :) glad you found the place eventually haha :p