Sunday, 16 October 2011

Saturday night FOTN

Why hello there everyone, hasn't it been a long time?
I really need to apologise about that as I've been absolutely swamped with being sick/having school commitments/going out these past few weeks. Add to that that I have recently acquired an iPod Touch, well, I don't go on my computer often then, do it?

Last night, I went out with two good friends to a club that had a gow paint party, which was awesome! I would recommend not getting it in your hair/on your scalp as it really is a pain to get out (had to shampoo my hair twice and it still felt dry).

I have got some FOTN pictures for you all as I decided to go for a -gasp- smokey eye! I know, me, the girl who usually stays well away from them, decided to give it a go (:

 I'm sorry, I've only just realised I have the same gormless expression on each picture. Awkward much?!

Anyway, I am in LOVE with the eyeshadow I used. This eyeshadow being MUA shade 12, the well know MAC Club dupe and I adore it, if it's a dupe or not. The duochrome makes it look flashy enough to wear on its own, although I did use a black eyeliner base on my eyelids to make it pop more.

I'm actually also quite pleased with my eyeliner flick! I used Sephora's liquid eyeliner, which I got for 5€ and to begin with, hated it as I got it EVERYWHERE, but I did the pencil trick to balance the flick and I think it ended up quite well :)

check out the Batman- The Dark Knight sheet music in the background..

And this here would explain the absence of review posts as I can't really swatch on my arm and it's a pain doing it on my right arm. I've been involved with this exchange project with Indian youths and they were over in Luxembourg and one of them did beautiful henna for a few people and this is my one! Unfortunately, it's faded now and is nearly gone...):

I hope you girls like this post and if you have any questions about products I used, let me know! :)


  1. Wow, your makeup looks gorgeous! x

  2. Wish i had your eye colour!:)

  3. you're looking amazing.and i love the drawing on you hand :) visit my blog please,love ya xoxo