Saturday, 1 October 2011

random pictures from the last few weeks

Oh, hello there. it's me again, Nat, back from the dead (or so it seems). I started school two weeks ago and it's DRAINED me! Seriously, I've been falling asleep after school when I get home cause I'm so exhausted, I guess I'm having difficulty adjusting to the change in schedule.

So I figured I would do a post with some pictures from the last few weeks as it seems that my social life seems to have improved a bit ahaha.

Here we have my best friend and I on set on the film we did. Well, I say on set. I mean 'in the place where the extras wait around the whole time'. We got bored so started making funny poses. Here I am wearing my brother's glasses (and sporting a facial expression similar to his favourite pose) and she is wearing my Ray Bans that are slightly too big for her face ahahaha.

Here I was at a friend's for a DVD night and we got bored and started playing around with her Photobooth. We started out with crazy poses (the first one) and then my friend got her fake moustaches (I want some!!!) and we all kept on trying them on. So what do you guys think, should I grow a beard ahahaha? I liked the whole stroking-beard-whilst-thinking-something-through thing!

Today, I went shopping with a friend of mine (top photo). I had to include this photo as her eyes look stunning in it and I just generally adore the way she does her eye makeup! And we walked past the palace and decided to act like tourists as I had my DSLR with me and taking pictures and everything ahahaha. As you can see, the guard is nothing compared to what the ones in front of Buckingham Palace look like.

And here is an edited in Photoshop picture that I took on the bus home. I actually wanted to get a picture of the countryside, but the window was in the way so now you have one of a dirty window with the afternoon sunshine in the background, I quite like it though.

Right, my next post will be various FOTDs from these past weeks, so keep an eye out for that one!

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  1. I do love the moustache photos, they were EPIC!