Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sleek Saturday - Sunset Palette

Another Sleek Saturday post, although this one is a bit too late to be feautured on Liloo's blog due to my very badly organised self. I'll post it anyway as this is the last week of the Sleek Saturdays, which is such a shame, but oh well, it had to end at some point!

This week I'm using the sunset palette, which I do use frequently - my only problem is I just use the gold and the light red next to it. Not really getting much use, is it?

This palette has everything I need. Golds? Check. Copper? Check. Orange? Check. Reds? Check. And then some other shades that aren't used very often...

BUT I just don't use it very much so I decided to go for a bit more of an adventurous look today.

For this look, I kept everything else relatively simple - I tried a coloured lip but it just looked like too much.

As for the shades, I used the orange, the yellow and the champagne underneath the yellow. I did try to add the black in the crease, but it just looked awful so I abandoned that.

Please forgive the unruly brows, I'm trying to grow them out, ESPECIALLY the right one!

Anyway, I hope you all liked this post, as hurried and late it is. I'm off to watch X Factor now, it's so funny with the new judges!

And incidentally, I was reading Star magazine (I know, I read trashy mags) and they had an article about how gutted Cheryl was after seeing Tulisa being so popular. DID refuse to take the job, didn't you? I think the judging panel is miles better this year, they seem to get along without being fake and they're just all so funny (except Louis. He's fading into the background every time I watch it)


  1. you couldn't have chosen a better colour to enhance your eyes. wow that golden yellow is quite something set against your blue eyes. wow.
    i am sorry i won't be doing sleek saturday for a while but please hang out with @missy_ellie_uk, i know she's quite keen to do a few more episodes :) xx
    this is her blog:

  2. These orangey yellowy gold tones make your eye colour stand out like WHOA :D

  3. @Liloo thank you :) Yess I adore the colours that make blue eyes pop :) It is a shame, you should consider doing another thing like that with a different brand ;) ooh excellent, I'll contact her, thanks for letting me know :) xx

    @Jerry thank you :D xx

  4. Wow, that is a lovely colour on your eyes! I love Sleek Palettes!