Friday, 2 September 2011

MUA Heaven & Earth - potential Naked dupe?

When I was over in England and in a Superdrug, I kept my eyes open for the MUA Professional Range - I found it in Lakeside, but they had hardly anything left, least of all the eyeshadow palettes. In Canterbury, I don't think they had it and Bromley didn't have the palette I was looking for. It was in Broadstairs where I managed to find it and then, naturally, buy it.

At £4, it is a steal. This palette is ideal for those wanting to try out shimmery golds and brows, especially as you get 12 shades. 12 shades for £4. At this point, I would calculate how much each eyeshadow costs, but as my talent in maths is astonishingly nonexistant, I won't bother.

Although it does lack very dark shades, it still gives you plenty of choice, even though some of the shades look very similar. The fact that it doesn't have really dark shades doesn't bother me as I don't usually go for very dark colours.

Another thing absent in this palette is matte shades. To be honest, that doesn't really bother me as I much prefer the shimmery eyeshadows, despite the risks of looking like a Twilight-esque vampire if there's too much fallout (I clash with glitter - I once opened this pot of glitter that my best friend had and got glitter EVERYWHERE)

These are all really pigmented, much like the single eyeshadows from their normal range. They blend easily as well.

I can't actually remember which shades I used in this EOTD as it was taken the day that I bought the palette and I've been really busy since then so it's gone.

BUT what I was interested in was whether you could call this palette a Naked dupe. So I got that out and started comparing. For comparing purposes, I've named the shades from the Heaven & Earth palette from the first row 1A,2A,etc... and from the second row 1B,2B,.... .

l-r: top row:Virgin, Sin, Half Baked, Toasted, Hustle;
bottom row: 1A, 3B, 3A, 2A, 5A
So dupes? Not exactly. As you can tell by the swatches, Sin and 3B aren't that similar, whereas Virgin seems like a less pigmented 1A. Hustle and 5A are nothing alike, but I think there are some pretty good dupes for Half Baked and Toasted. The pigmentation of the Heaven & Earth palette is great and the eyeshadows are also really smooth so I suppose if you refuse to spend your money on the Naked palette, this could be a nice replacement.


  1. Wow you were in my neck of the woods - ish! Im near Bluewater! So in the middle of Lakeside and Bromley!

    Glad you like the palette and I cant decide if I would get ANY use from it opposed to the Sleek Palettes... Dilemma! BUT for £4 I may do lol



  2. Lovely product. I heard that Mua products are pretty good.

  3. I still haven't managed to get around to buying the Naked palette, so I think maybe I'll try this instead!

  4. 33p each :) I literally just bought this!! Gave in and got it online because I literally couldn't find it anywhere else :( excited to get it as I haven't got the Naked palette xxx

  5. Hahaha Becky I was going to say the exact same thing about how much each shadow would cost... tut tut Nat! These look really pretty and possibly warmer tones than the Naked palette? I love my Naked but might have to swatch this if I'm lucky enough to spot it anywhere! Missing you lots xxx

  6. Hahaaaaaaaaaaa Dani we are maths geniuses, clearly we were in the wrong degree! :P xxx

  7. The way you do your eye make up is just too pretty, bah to your prettiness Ms Lodhi, bah! :p Seriously though, very beautiful make up, colours suit you! xx

  8. Well I can definitely see why everyone is fawning over it, it's gorgeous ^___^ Great swatches.

  9. @Claire Oh I've been to Bluewater a few times! I love it although I prefer Lakeside due to the cheap shops ;) Lucky you, you have amazing shopping places near you :) Ooh, I would recommend you get it :) The quality is like Sleek's, you get 12 eyeshadows and they're pretty! xx

    @London's-beauty yeah they are good :) xx

    @Carly ooh you should :) I only bought the naked palette cause it was 6 quid cheaper on the ferry than in debenhams and house of fraser so this is deffo a good alternative :) xxx

    @Becky haha thank you miss maths genius ;) oh well, online is better than not having it :) Although it's more satisfying getting it instore :) xx

    @dani ta gueuleeeeeeee no me gusta mathematiques! I think they are warmer, but you do have a few cold shades in there. I miss you tooooo xxxxxxx

    @Stephie thank youuuuuuuu :) but you have the pretty clothes which I don't have so bah to your pretty clothes back at'cha! xxx

    @Jerry thank you :) Yeah it's one of those products that live up to the hype xx