Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hey everyone!
This is a scheduled post as I really wanted to do Sleek Saturday and as I'm busy tomorrow, I decided to do it today!

Again, I'm using the Sunset palette as I felt I didn't use much of it with my last look. So what I did this time was use the two dark reds next to the orange for a red smokey eye.

So for once I left out the eyeliner as I wanted to keep it a bit simple and I used MUA's lipstick in shade 11 as it's the closest to a nude that I have, if not a bit darker than my lip colour.

I'm sorry this post is so short but I'm in a hurry at the moment, so sorry!


  1. Ah, those cheekbones adn them baby blues.
    By the look of it, that is a very loved palette. =)

  2. could this be the perfect palette for you? i think it might be you know! xx

  3. eyes look amazing - great colour x