Thursday, 15 September 2011

another belated fotd

Hiya everyone, here's another short post as I don't want to go to bed at the mo (I am such a rebel innit) and these photos have been hanging around on my computer for long enough.

So you'd be misled in thinking that this is actually a carbon copy of this post and I suppose it's close enough seeing as I used the same palette (Sleek Good Girl) and one of the coral shades, next to the one I used before haha.

I did this when I went to meet two of my friends in town and then later on went to go watch a movie (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, for those interested) at one of their's. I actually think I'm gonna tone down on the eyeliner for school as I'm actually getting bored of it (HOW CAN YOU GET BORED OF EYELINER?!!). I think it's cause I'm not too pleased with the way I do my flick so I think I'll practice that a bit.

Oh and expect lots of pictures of tomorrow and Saturday as tomorrow we're having a blogger's meet up (and not just a regional meet up - a Luxembourg blogger's meet up seeing as the country's so small haha!) and then Saturday I will be being an extra again. I'm super excited for tomorrow as I've always wanted to meet other bloggers and people who share the same interests as me so hopefully it'll be great :)


  1. Your eye makeup looks wonderful! I wish mine looked half as good :)

  2. thank you for following, it was nice to meet you!
    your make up looks great x

  3. Well I personally think your eyeliner flick is perfect! Great blending too ^__^