Saturday, 14 April 2012

India part 2!

Here we go with our second part of my India trip! This is a rather short post as I'm feeling quite tired and am just gonna go relax after this.

On our way to meet the next youth group, we stopped at this place where they were making sugar from the sugar canes and the guys driving the jeeps were explaining the whole process to us, which was really interesting to hear but also shocking cause the man sitting by that (incredibly incredibly BOILING) pot could possibly lose his eyes cause the heat's so strong, but they have to have someone watching over the pot incase anything goes wrong.

This was with the next youth group which was one of my personal highlights as we played games with them and played Indian games and taught them some Luxembourgish ones and just had a lot of fun. There were some boys there absolutely fascinated with my fan and how it works which was really funny ahaha.

The next day in Solapur on our way to the station for our 5 hour journey to Raichur (dubbed hell by me cause it's so unbelievably hot there). I was fascinated by the rickshaws during my whole trip and I'm quite pleased of this photo cause it's in focus whilst everything else is slightly blurred.
On the train, on my 'bunk bed'. It was quite an interesting experience, especially as the AC made the compartment freezing and once we arrived and opened the door, it was all UNFFF with the force of the heat that was outside.

In our hotel for the night. Neela (Whose village we were staying in the next night) had come with people from her organisation to pick us up from the station and stayed with us at the hotel.
Me in the hotel, looking tired like in all my other photos. Note the classy plastic chair in the background haha!

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed!

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