Saturday, 31 December 2011

Small haul! + FOTD

I went shopping today with my best friend as I wanted to check out this shop I've heard a lot about called HEMA. First of all, a friend told me a while ago that their makeup brushes were amazing but I never went to the shop. Then I saw these brushes on Jenny's blog and enquired as to where she got them - HEMA being the answer.

And so I went along today and found lots of brushes that looked really good...dirt cheap!

The eyeliner cost 4,50 € as did the grey brush, I think and the other two cost 2,95€ each! Amazing prices, especially in Luxembourg (UKers may not bat an eyelid seeing as they have amazingly cheap stuff like Primark but for Luxland this is incredibly cheap)
I haven't tried them yet but look forward to!

So as for the FOTD, I've been trying out my Fred Farrugia cream eyeshadow...still not sure and I have used my Sleek berry collection kohl pencil, which I LOVE even if it might make me look tired, I love the way the red contrasts with my blue eyes :)

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