Friday, 30 December 2011

it seems I've finally come back...

...after being MIA for what seems like eternity!

There really is only so many times that I can apologise for my absence and so I say it again, I'm so incredibly sorry for abandoning my blog!
School has been overwhelming, far more so than I expected and due to me gaining more extracurricular activities (I'm not tutoring three little swedish girls on saturdays) and studying a lot more, I've been getting less time to myself and consequently, less time to blog.

I know, it's been the holidays for a few weeks now, why haven't I blogged then? Well, I rushed off to London as soon as school finished to get a visa sorted out for a trip to India and then with the Christmas rush and wanting to spend time with my family, my blog got shunted to the side again.

But now I have dragged myself up to the attic, where my computer resides, and have prepared a blog post. I have a few more in mind, but I won't promise anything as I know damn well I can't keep them.

So in the wake of christmas, what else would I blog about aside from my new possessions, naturally of the beauty variety.

 So here are the beauty related presents that I got, I plan on doing some indepth reviews on them individually, I might get the time tomorrow to do so as being the sad sorry sod I am, I don't have any plans for NYE.

So I got a Filthy Gorgeous magnetic nail varnish from my two sisters (click and click funny that, they both have their names incorporated into their blog names, interesting..), a Sephora body glitter lotion thing from Minnie (first link there), an ELF eyeshadow palette from my cousin Naomi (first elf product, yay!!) and the Sleek berry collection.

I'm pretty pleased with the haul, even if it's small, it's a bunch of stuff I like as opposed to lots of things I wouldn't be mad about.

Now aside from makeup, I did get some other stuff that I figured I'd mention.

As you can see, I got several books and DVDS and a perfume from assorted people. The two books are fantastic reads -yes I've finished them both- , I would recommend Runelight (and the first one, Runemarks) by Joanne Harris chaudement especially if you are interested in learning about Norse mythology whilst reading a fantastic story. Inheritance was the final book of the Eragon series and I loved it despite the ending not being what I expected. The QI General Ignorance book shows how much of a QI geek I am and, according to my sister, a Ted (HIMYM, as he looks spouting facts. like me).

As for the DVDs, Harry Potter goes with saying, X-Men stars my current celebrity crush, Michael Fassbender, and is an amazing movie (and has lots of eye candy!). Then you have the Jason Manford dvd that I have yet to watch!

Here we have my main present from my parents, a gorgeous Dorothy Perkins satchel! I don't usually splurge on bags, but felt the need to get this one as I desperately need a new everyday bag.

Here's a pic of me with my bag and my cardie, which you can't see very well, which was also an xmas pressie.

Hope you all like this post and again, please forgive me for being absent all this time! xxx

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  1. Such lovely gifts you recieved! :) I especially love the bag, it is really pretty!!! :) xox