Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sleek Pout Paints

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about Sleek's Pout Paints, also dubbed OCC Lip Tar dupes (although I can't actually confirm that myself, not actually owning any Lip Tars).

Of course, I believe these will be more available to everyone, considering they're cheaper at £4.99 and also distributed in Superdrug, whereas the Lip Tars you can only get online in the UK, I think (not 100% sure about this though).

What makes it even better is that Superdrug are currently selling these 3 for 2 so if you fancy stocking up on colours, now's the time to do it.

Being that I don't live in the UK, I'm considerably late with posting about these as I only just got my hands on them last week when I went over.

I bought six shades, taking well advantage of the offer in Superdrug. Originally I was only buying three but as I hadn't been very success with shopping that day I returned to Superdrug and bought another three (thanks to Dani egging me she could get some of the pout paints by buying little jars and putting a bit of each colour in them...sisters!) and I have to admit, I am quite glad that I did buy the extra three as they're incredible!

First up we have Pin Up (the red) and Milkshake (the pinky peachy one? Kinda hard to describe). I think that amongst all the colours, Milkshake has been the most popular. There weren't many left in the Superdrug and I've seen a lot of blog posts about them.

I also think the consistency of Milkshake is a tiny bit runnier than the others although it's still pretty opaque on the lips. As for the colour itself...I like it but I think on me, it looks best when it's very lightly applied. I've not made my mind up about whether I love it or not, I think I need to wear it a few more times before I can give my final verdict!

As for Pin Up, I love it. I don't have any classic reds so this is great for me and I think the shade is just right as well.

Next up is is Pinkini (hot pink) and Lava (orange). I am a sucker for hot pinks so Pinkini is a winner for me. It's my favourite bright pink (sorry Barry M Vibrant Pink - you're too blue toned for me!) and I know this is one I'll probably reach for a lot.

Lava is a bright orange, the brightest I have. I like how it's not all corally orange as this means it's a bit more adventurous and bold.

Again these two are very opaque, pretty much like all the shades I have and they stay quite long without fading. I actually mixed these when I tried them in Superdrug and the shade didn't budge much which was great.

Another thing about these is that if you combine them, you get a beautiful colour, possibly a bit like MAC Impassioned, I think.

And finally, we have Peek-A-Bloo (the blue, obviously) and Cloud 9. There's not much to say about these, as I'm not really gonna wear them on their own, unless it were fancy dress or something. For mixing purposes though, they're great. Peek-A-Bloo is great for giving more of a brown/purple hint, which is a colour range I haven't really tried before, so I'll be trying that out and Cloud 9 is for lightening, which is also pretty handy as some colours seemed a bit dark when I was experimenting with them.

(l-r: Pin Up, Milkshake, Lava, Pinkini, Cloud 9, Peek-A-Bloo)

Right, that's all for this post, I'll be posting about combinations in another post, as otherwise this could get rather lenghty!


  1. I've got all of these except Pin Up as I have an OCC red and... er, the pink that isn't Pinkini or Milkshake. My favourite is Lava. Laaaaaaaaaaavaaaaaaaaa.

  2. I really want to try these out but I haven't got around to it yet! I think I must buy Milkshake though, because it looks so pretty.

  3. Your photos are absolutely flipping amazing in this post, love them :D xxx

  4. Love these! They're really fab value for money and actually 100% better than OCC lip tars!

  5. @Robyn Ahaha I know the pink you're talking of but I've completely forgotten the name, it just didn't stand out, did it? And yes Lava is incredible, I have a fixation with orange so I HAD to get it! xx

    @Carly I've seen lots of people loving Milkshake and hopefully I'll come to love it as well (I just seem to be a bit unsure of it, no idea why though!) but if I don't, it'll be a real shame as it is so pretty and I want it to really suit me. Let me know what you think of it if you get it :) xxx

    @Dani, taaa :) I fiddled around with my camera a bit and noticed this little dial that actually really helps focus on bits xxx

    @Lily oooh that's great, I love when the bargain versions are much better :) I love them too, I've always adored mixing colours when we'd paint in school so it's ideal for me :) xxx