Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sleek Pout Paints - Mixing Them Up

Hiya everyone, it's me again! I'm on a roll today, aren't I? Anyway, here are the combinations as promised.

For this first combination, I used Pinkini and Lava with a bit of Cloud 9 to make it a little lighter. I love the result, this is one of those colours where they don't have enough lippies in this shade. Perhaps MAC do though, I think the closest could be Impassioned, but I'm not entirely sure about that. Anyway, I just love the colour!

With this one, I started with Pin Up, Peek-A-Bloo and Milkshake. The second picture shows the result of that and it was far too brown for my liking. I then added Pinkini and some more Peek-A-Blue. The result ws a very dark purple.

BUT I didn't feel that this colour suited me so I added some Cloud 9...perhaps a bit too much as it ended up a bit too light. Oh well.

 The light purple isn't bad but I felt it was too cool for me so I decided to change it again.

I ended up adding a bit of my first combination to the purple and I'm quite pleased with the result. It's another one of those lovely colours that's difficult to find.

Finally, here are some photos of when I've worn the Pout Paints. They're not great, so watch this space for proper FOTDs.

Here I'm wearing the mix of Pinkini and Lava that I tried in Superdrug. It has faded a bit as I'd eaten and had a drink before this picture.

 A VERY sloppily applied Pin Up. I didn't have a lip brush, that's why it looks so messy.

And finally, Milkshake. It looks very faint here but it was a lot lighter in reality, hence why I'm not sure of it!

I'll be heading off to bed now. Night night!!xxx


  1. Ah nice combinations!I'm glad it's not just me that finds Milkshake runnier than the others! I find Milkshake and another one make my lips look huge, but maybe that's cause biglips plus nude colours = no? :[ x

  2. i can't wait to get myself some of these! i love the pink that you made, such a pretty colour ^_^
    Rosie xo

  3. @ Jenny thanks :) Yeah, I think nude is a nono for big lips, shame right? But yeah, I'm trying Milkshake out with a hint of other colours cause I think it's just not pink enough for me, you know? xx

    @ Rosie thank you :D You won't regret getting them if you do xx