Sunday, 8 May 2011

spring is in full swing!

hello lovelies! I've finally managed to update, which I shall hopefully be doing more often now that my play and my piano exams are over! For those curious, the play went incredibly well and I loved every minute of it, I definitely feel the stage is for me. The exam, which I was afraid I would fail, was yesterday and went quite well surprisingly. I didn't pass with distinction or anything, but I wasn't expecting that so I'm pleased.

Now on to the makeup aspect of this post (yes! makeup again!), I am going out to dinner with my family and as it's been especially lovely weather this weekend, I decide to bring my golds and pinks out. I love that combination, it can be quite subtle, yet still beautiful and the pink just adds a bit of extra 'oomph'. In fact, my dream would be to own a blush a la NARS Orgasm (still too expensive though) or anything along the lines of pink and gold.

I may have been a bit heavy handed with the blush for two reasons :a) so that you can see it on the photographs and b) in theatre, I had to heap so much blush on so that my face wouldn't look pale on the stage and every time I thought it'd be way too much, the theatre director would say 'No, you need more' or 'You could still go darker, you know'. In all stage makeup is definitely interesting and if I ever do study makeup, I'd definitely be interested in that. After the second night, I went out for a drink with a few classmates and felt a bit clownlike but apparantly I looked quite normal!

I used my Too Faced Natural Eye palette for this look and I'm in a bit of a rush, but I'll post the exact products at a later point for those interested!

I have to dash now but I'll leave you with some odd outtakes! 

I look either like a chipmunk or just completely zoned out haha!


  1. that look looks so pretty on you :] x

  2. Would you like me to rummage through some Superdrug Sleek drawers to see if I can find Rose Gold? Your birthday's next ;) xx

  3. you are so cute!
    i love the whole look :)
    Rosie xo

  4. Gorgeous! I love blush and pile as much on as possible (although it never seems to show up on camera).

  5. I loooove the second 'outtake' picture, you look so pretty! I've been a bit of a blush fiend at the moment - positively troweling it on!

  6. beautiful make-up, i'll follow you,
    goes in my house.

  7. You look very pretty, as always!