Thursday, 12 May 2011

ins and outs 004

Hello everyone! I'm afraid there shan't be any picture posts today as I have an ugly face at the mo and I am sick. Not a good combination.

+ I am looking forward to my half term in two weeks, I believe, as when I go to visit my grandparents in South London, I'm going to be accompagnied by my best friend! We'll be getting the ferry over as foot passengers which will involve a lot of lugging our suitcases and assorted things around but I think we'll manage. As she's coming with, I have a real excuse to insist upon visiting London and spending a day there, which shall be fun.

+ Hopefully I shall be going out for a drink with my mates tomorrow, if all of us can. I've been getting a tiny bit obsessed with margaritas lately, I have to admit. (I would also just like to clarify to anyone who frowns upon underage drinking or anything, it's not actually underage as in Luxembourg the legal drinking age is 16. And I shall be 17 in just over a month!)

+ My birthday in 1 month, 2 days! And funnily enough, it falls on a national holiday in Luxembourg, so no school! Of course, at the same time, I am feeling a bit dreading of my birthday, but that's because of something else entirely and slowly I am overcoming that issue.

+ Paris! In july, I'm going to live in paris for two weeks and I'm quite looking forward to it. Even though I've signed myself up for six hours french lessons a day, the end result will hopefully be good!

- I have to learn nine pages off by heart for Tuesday in French. Our teacher, who is seemingly under the impression that the youth of today have no lives whatsoever, has given us all different scenes to learn off by heart from the play Knock ou le triomphe de la m├ędecine by Jules Romain and it's just ridiculous.She's also the theatre director of the multilingual theatre group in our school and I am in the english theatre group and I know that four days is not enough to learn all these pages off by heart. She should know that too but unfortunately, this is a teacher you can't reason with. I would have complained were I in school today, but I wasn't and she will conveniantly not be there on Monday, the only lesson when we have her before Tuesday.

- This same teacher is being overly critical to me without reason and it's really been upsetting me. It's also been a huge knock to my confidence, as my best friend's mother said that she thinks I speak French quite well, but I used to speak it quite confidently, but I don'tanymore and she thinks it's down to this teacher. I used to quite respect this teacher, and whilst I didn't approve of her methods, I thought she'd have good reasoning behind it. She's most likely one of those teachers who try to motivate by being critical and trying to push me, but I've been pushing myself far too much and don't need it from anyone else. She also can't seem to make up her mind as she says I should definitely do languages next year (for which you need an average of 38/60 in all languages) yet she only just passes me with 30/60 yet gives practically the rest of the class from 37-57/60 which is completely unfair. You could say it's down to my French not being good but I know I'm not as bad as she thinks. Another thing that really annoys me is how she'll sing praise at anything this one guy says (even when it's complete rubbish) yet when I say something justified, it's all criticised for being misinterpreted or whatever. 

- I'm getting really down about the way I look. No matter how much I wax, my hairs on my chin/upper lip always grow and it really upsets me. Add to that I'm chubby, have trouble losing weight and sweat a lot ( I know it ranges into TMI but this is something else that bothers me). I even bought one of those pharmacy deodorants but it's useless. Some girls seem to have everything handed on a silver platter to them, whilst I end up getting loads of issues at once. I feel convinced that these are big reasons why no guys ever feel attracted to me and my sisters both tell me I have to stop waiting for a boyfriend to get one and feel happy being single. it's easy for them to say as they're both prettier than me.

I think that's all for now, I'll try and vary my makeup tomorrow and take pictures, must admit I haven't bothered with makeup today so I've been looking a little horrendous lately!


  1. Aw no, I hope you feel better and more confident again soon, I think you're really pretty :D plus just clocked you're two days older than me:O

    much loveee xx

  2. which teacher do you have in french? i go to the same school as you!

  3. @anonymous really? what class are you in? I have mme bock and i know this sorta makes it sound like I hate her, I'm just frustrated and stressed out :P

  4. quatrieme
    do you like ur class?

  5. @anonymous yeah I'm pretty happy with my class :) So what 4e are you in? I'm assuming I don't actually know you, otherwise you'd have said so, no?

  6. You are very beautiful and you have a lovely blog. Keep up the good work!

    All the best,

  7. update pleaaase?