Sunday, 26 February 2012

Week in pictures 001

Hey everyone!
I've noticed that lately, now that I have an iPhone, I'm taking more pictures of my day to day life so I figured I'd start doing more of these posts.
I've had quite the eventful yet uneventful week as I've been busy practicing piano and cleaning my room (mainly my wardrobe ahaha) and I went to Saarbrucken on Thursday with some bloggers to hit Primark. I spent quite a lot of money which surprised me as usually I am the personification of stinginess.
I'll post about that in full detail another day as I did take some pictures on my camera so I'll try and do that at the end of next week :)
Pics aren't actually in chronological order because the blogger app is actin up but oh well :)

My newly tidied wardrobe - a pack of marshmallows in a funny shape, haha very mature of me, I know - one of my new tops from Primani - my face -
me at a cafe where I had cake on Tuesday - the mentioned cake - the sun coming out on Monday - primark bags - a few of us at starbucks in Saarbrucken (courtesy of Ines : )


  1. I need to tidy my wardrobe so badly, I don't know where to start I have so much! It's finding the time between looking after the kids too, I think I will have to do it a bit at a time. Oh cake yummy :) oh what did you get in Primark?
    Aww it's always nice to be out with your girlies, I saw mine the other day I hadn't seen them in forever. It sucks being older, I long for the days when we went shopping every weekend and saw each other almost every day. Anyway I'll stop ranting. Hope your well kitten x

  2. It's great that everyone's tidying up their closets! I just did that two weeks ago.. Found a lot of unusual stuff.. haha! You're really pretty by the way :)

    Kisses! xxx

  3. Lovely blog. <3
    Maybe we can follow to each other?

  4. very nice blog! im from luxembourg too btw:) just started a blog about the city :
    and this is my main blog:
    follow,comment if you like.
    im following you already.
    did I already say you have a cute blog?:)