Monday, 20 February 2012

Another random iPhone post

Hey girls
Finally its half term here! I don't know about you guys but seven weeks straight of school has drained me! I've been taking it easy this weekend and am going out later on (to buy my ticket for Saarbrucken - our next bloggers meeting) to meet up with Steffi, jenny and Elizabete.
I'm quite excited today cause I had two vaccinations today -not excited about them but rather what they stand for-. I've realised that in just over a month, I'll be leaving for India. Its surreal and daunting but I honestly can't wait!
My vaccines hurt like a b*tch (especially typhoid) but hopefully the ache in my arm will go away which I think it's already doing.

Anyway I've taken a few fotds over the last few days so again, I'm treating you all to lots of instagram pictures haha!

The first picture is of my iPhone cover, isn't it cool?! Then you have Saturday's face and today's face and finally, a picture with a few classmates of Friday as we all dressed up for carnival at school, as is tradition the last day before half term. I dressed up as Wanda/Wally and loved it ahahaha

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