Sunday, 29 January 2012

Little update

Hi everyone!
Again I've been quite absent lately, which is due to being busy because of school and going on a school trip (to Weimar, if anyone's interested. We also went to the concentration camp Buchenwald, which was certainly a harrowing experience). Aside from that, I've been busy with piano which I've been neglecting a bit and have exams in the next month or so so the stress is really starting now.

I've also been sick these past few days and am only just feeling better. I bought a second-hand iPhone on friday( 3GS so a tiny bit dated) and I've enjoyed playing with it, especially the photo apps.

So here are a few random photos I've taken this weekend, mostly of my dog haha!

And one of the pictures I've added is of my friend Lis and I in front of the Wartburg, where Martin Luther stayed at some point in his life (...fascinating stuff)

Nat xx