Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Short update from Paris

Hi everyone, this is just a quick update from Paris. I'm enjoying myself very much here, I'm staying in a beautiful area and I hope my French is improving.

Now as this blog is about makeup, I thought I would tell you guys about a makeup related incident from the other day.

As Luxembourg does not have a MAC store, I decided to viit their counter in Galeries Lafayette and buy a paint pot as I've been shantung one for ages

The counter wasn't at all busy, there were just a few women getting made up and two being served. Fair enough, I thought, I'll browse until one of the MAC ladies is finished so I can ask about the paint pot. Eventually, one of them finishes and I approach her, asking about the paint pot. She rolls her eyes and walks over to the drawer and says very shortly and abruptly that they don't have Bare Study. She then walks off so I go back to her and ask where the testers are so I could look at the other ones. Seeming very annoyed and ungracious, she goes over to one of the counters and turns around this little display thing, which was turned around against a mirror. She was acting as if I should have known where they were. I didn't move anything around as I know these high end brand people are quite touchy about what people touch. The woman walks off again, whilst I swatch and finally, I decide I want to buy Painterly.

Surprise, surprise she's at the other side of the counter, doing nothing so I go and say I'd like to purchase it. At the cashier place, I take out this -10% card for the whole Galeries lafayette, ready to ask whether I can use it here and she says, in English, (cause the whole time I had been speaking French) 'no 10%.' well jeez, let me get the words out first!

Then she just buggers off and let's her much nicer colleague handle paying me. This woman was, in 2 minutes, much more polite, and in general, more

Several things about this bother me. Frst of all, hello, did someone miss a few lessons in customer service???!!! it was the worst I've ever been treating and that's coming from some who lives in a country where customer service is practically inexistent. I don't know whether it was my age or something, but the woman just decided not to be polite to me. She was perfectly friendly to the person before me, so it's puzzling. That leads me to think that she was assuming that as I was young, I was not worthy of being treated politely. Now I don't know much about how to learn customer service, but surely every customer, especially if they're buying something, should be tested equally? She was acting as if I was being a nuisance and hindering her, when in reality I wasn't.

Second of all, all of a sudden she speaks English to me. This pisses me off as I am peectly capable of speaking French, I've been doing it for years and I do understand it, you know. My accent isn't even typically English, so how the hell she assumed I was English, I don't know.

I just thought in total that this behavior was appalling and would like to recommend to all my followers who will visit Paris to go to the MAC counter in sephora on the champs élysées rTher tha galeries Lafayette, you may get treated better there.

On a final note,sorry for any odd spelling mistakes, i am writing this on my roommates iPad and it makes lots of mistakes.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you got treated like this :( some people are just incredibly rude.

  2. As appalling as it is to get treated like this, it's typical of pretty much all my MAC experiences. Just the other week in Cardiff I was stood waiting for nearly 10 minutes when the lady who was 'free' (2 were serving other people) was chatting to her friend, she knew I was there but would not stop her conversation. She could see I wanted to buy, I was holding things to purchase. When I do get hold of someone they are really nice normally, it's just when. It's sad that a company like this treat their customers this way and it's pretty common from what I can gather. Are you having a nice time in France otherwise? xx