Saturday, 16 July 2011


First of all, I am so incredibly sorry that I've been so inactive these last few weeks! It's been really hectic school wise and all but finally, Tuesday the year finished and I have passed.

You're probably wondering why I didn't post from Tuesday onwards but tomorrow I am leaving for Paris for two weeks as I am doing a sort of french summer school there and naturally, I've been getting things ready although funnily enough, I STILL have loads to do today.

I doubt I'll be updating whilst I'm there even though I may be taking my mum's laptop, as I need Photoshop, a camera plugin, et all and I won't really have all that.

So I'm just explaining my vanishing act and I hope you're all enjoying your summer!

1 comment:

  1. Have fun! I was going to invite yo to my giveaway and maybe you'll make it back by the deadline. In any case, you have a new follower and hope to connect with you soon. have a great summer XOXO