Sunday, 25 November 2012

the hair deal: introduction

For as long as I can remember, I have hated brushing my hair. This is definitely due to the fact that my hair was -and still is- always a frizzy mess. My mother had a lot of difficulties getting me to brush it when I was a child, and when she took matters in her own hands and did it herself, it was still no walk in the park. In fact, when I went on a school trip for 10 days aged 11, my mother had to ask my best friend to make sure that I would brush my hair. But why did I have this attitude?

Simple, really. My hair was full of knots and it was damned painful brushing it. Of course, it was only a few years ago that I realised I should comb it instead of brush it. So my hair then went from a frizzy, undefinable mass to somewhat manageable, still frizzy, curls. But the condition of it is...deplorable. I had resigned myself to having forever dry and broken hair, especially as I've managed to get it to grow so much later (Oh how fickle we can be!). But lately, I've realised just how painful it is even combing my hair, which I usually do during or after my shower, when my hair is still damp (I don't want to go back to the triangle of hair, after all). But by the next day, new knots will have formed, which sort of defies the whole point of combing it. To put this into perspective, I'm sure if I left my hair to its own devices, it would form natural dreadlocks, which isn't a look I'm particularly keen on for myself.

This is sadly what a post-combing session looks like

So what to do now? Well, for starters, I definitely need to invest in a hair mask. Tonight, I tried out a sample I got from L'Occitane which was for dry and broken hair. To be honest, I wasn't whether to be offended or not when the lady added it, but then I figured that it was nothing personal as I did choose the hair sample. So now I'm going to see how it affects my hair and if it works, I might get it (if I get over the price tag, sob).

One thing I have learnt from my hair "journey" is that if you have curly hair like mine that's already damaged, avoid heat products like the plague. Yes, that includes hairdryers. I let my hair dry naturally, even in winter, because otherwise it gets more damaged despite heatsprays, and it just doesn't look good. I also only ever straighten my hair once in a blue moon as it never fully straightens anyway.

So basically I'm going to try and chronicle my hair journey to see if using various products actually improves it. I can't say this will be a weekly thing because let's face it, I need to save up at this time of the year.

I do however have a hair oil that I only ever used once that I think I'll try out when I have the time so I can see if it actually makes a difference to my hair.

If anyone has any tips, I would be very thankful to hear them and I hope you all like this new 'feature' I want to attempt.

On another note, could you all let me know if my layout is properly aligned? It is on my laptop, but I'm not sure it is on different resolutions. I might still change it to make it easier...

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