Tuesday, 9 October 2012

mini haul

Hi everyone!

Again it has been quite a while since I've blogged, but instead of a super long post, I'm using iphone pictures as I haven't used my camera very much lately.

I have a few FOTDs for you all, one using stuff that I bought when I went to Saarbrucken the other week and others just whenever I did something special with my makeup, which has become more and more rare as I've slipped into my school routine but I intend on changing that!

I still had my fringe then but by now it's grown out and I'm not sure if I should get it trimmed. It would be lovely if my nice readers could help me decide...*puppy eyes*

So here we have my mini haul. Well I say mini haul, actually I spent waayyy too much in Primark (I have no winter clothes) but at least I didn't spend much on makeup! Catrice is super cheap and the quality is quite good so I'm very pleased with my haul. The lip tint is very opaque, which is excellent, although it wears off after a few hours but for the price it was, I'm very content. The gel eyeliner is very nice too, I'm just concerned it'll dry out quickly (only time can tell), but application is very easy and it does last all day.

This is the "Oh My Goldness" nail polish with polka dots added on with a random unbranded nail air pen. It's quite a peculiar varnish cause at first you think the first coat isn't opaque enough so you apply a second and turns out that's too much. Well, that's probably because I'm very heavy-handed so that didn't work out very well for me. I need to acquire patience when doing my nails :P .

And this is an early morning FOTD using the above products. The lighting's not fantastic but you can see that the liner is dark (and not grey, I hate those liners that are very wishy washy), but unfortunately you can't see the lip tint very well. I would take a picture today but I'm having a bad skin day urgh...

And last but not least, my new jeggings and boots! I love these boots, they cost 30 euros and are from a German shop called Jumix (I think) and they were much nicer than what Primark had to offer so I'm glad I didn't just settle and buy some from Primark, because afterwards I got lucky!

I'll try and post again this week, maybe Friday or more likely Saturday, so stay tuned!