Tuesday, 31 July 2012

funny thing in berlin; "celebrity" spotting

Hey everyone!

I forgot to mention a funny thing that happened in Berlin in my first week. I was in my local supermarket an my roommate says "Hey look, it's Merkel." Now we had been joking around before so I was all "Yeah yeah, whatever you say..." but she insists on me looking and well? What do you know, it WAS Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany (if you don't know who she is  then you need to pay attention to politics lol!)

So me being sneaky, took a picture with my iPhone (now RIP :((( ) so I figured I'll share with you all so you can chortle at the fact that even people like her go shopping ;)

 (nicely instagramed ;) ) And see the security guy behind her? There were two more in front of the shop!


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